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Why Plan for Gas & Oil mineral rights and royalties?

For clients impacted by the oil and gas industry, our team actively works with clients’ attorneys and CPAs to ensure investments are managed effectively throughout the estate planning process and beyond.

Why Plan for Gas & Oil mineral rights and royalties?

  • Reduce Estate & Gift Taxes
  • Mitigate Probate and Ancillary Probate
  • Mitigate Unnecessary Multiple Deed Transfers
  • Mitigate Having your Interests in Pay Status Being Placed in Suspense
  • Create Structure to Facilitate Efficient Transfer of Oil & Gas/Mineral Interests
  • Create Succession Plan for Management of Oil & Gas/Mineral Interests
  • Utilize Structure to Allow for Centralized Management for Multiple Family Owners
  • Oil & Gas Requires Specific Expertise to Manage, Lease and Monitor Production
  • Mitigate Fractionalization of Oil & Gas/Mineral Interests
  • Simplify Income Tax Reporting. Particularly when Oil & Gas Interests are Located in more than one States

Unique Challenges

Oil & Gas Estate Planning Strategies represent some unique challenges in the management of those assets. This is a new concept for many land and mineral rights owners. In order to be in a position for those assets to be managed we employ several techniques, which seeks to address your overall estate goals and objectives, that may include:

  • Annual exclusion gifting
  • Lifetime exemption gifts
  • Unlimited marital gifts between spouses (U.S. Citizens)
  • Direct payment of tuition and medical expenses
  • Charitable gifts
  • Intra-Family Sales
  • Probate avoidance (revocable living trusts)
  • Family Business Entities (family partnerships, LLCs, etc.)

Credo Financial Advisors & LPL Financial do not provide tax and/or legal advice. Clients should consult with their personal tax and/or legal advisors regarding their own situation.

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